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Semester 2 Units

20th April 2016

15 August - 11 November 2016 Units coded at 7000 level are for Undergraduate courses (Diploma of Christian Studies & Bachelor). Units coded at 8000 and 9000 level are for Postgraduate courses. Students who have completed 12 units of a Bachelor degree can do 8500 level units. PLEASE NOTE: Unit availability is subject to the number of students who enrol. Unit Code Unit Title  Lec... Read more

Cross-Cultural Church Planting

17th March 2016

Communicating Christ to people   In Cross-Cultural Church Planting you will focus on communica... Read more

Catalogues and Databases

9th February 2016

Access catalogues and databases to search our extensive collection and find subject-specific resourc... Read more

Bachelor of Ministry (Honours)

6th November 2014

The Bachelor of Ministry (Honours) qualifies candidates who apply a body of theological knowledge in... Read more

Diploma of Christian Studies - Sydney

4th September 2013

The Diploma of Christian Studies (DipChSt) provides an excellent foundation for Christian life ... Read more

Bachelor of Theology

1st October 2009

The Bachelor of Theology course is a primary Undergraduate Award which provides a systematic and com... Read more