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Distance Education

Overcome location and time limitations and fit your study plans into your schedule

At Booth College, we know that learning is important to you.  At the same time, we understand that family and work commitments could limit your study plans. Hence at Booth College all of our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and most of our vocational courses are delivered online.

Studying online at Booth College enables you to fit learning into your schedule. This means you can be part of our thriving online learning community from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, at work or while travelling.

Additionally we recognise that no one size fits all. So depending on your chosen field of study, the online course varies based on what is best suited. For example, if you are learning a language, you may be encouraged to partake in regular online tutorials and sit online quizzes to help keep you on track through the formative stages of language learning.

In general terms, you can expect our online courses to share at least some of the following common features:

Booth Online

Booth Online ( is our online learning portal and a one stop shop for your Booth College student experience. All of our students have access, whether they are studying on campus or online. This is where you'll find your course unit books and learner guides as you first start your learning journey. You’ll also find all of your course materials, activities and resources here. You are able to interact with your classmates and Booth College staff and perform most student services related tasks and functions in this space when it suits you.

Live online sessions 

These well-loved sessions are not lectures, but rather a highly interactive way of coming together to discuss particular questions, solve complex real-world problems related to your field of study, swap ideas with other students and ask questions of your facilitator, course coordinator or lecturer. Attendance at these sessions is optional (unless specifically listed as compulsory for your particular course), and all sessions are recorded for you to refer back to or catch up on any session which you may have missed. If you find yourself temporarily without internet connectivity, it is also possible to join the discussion in the live sessions by phone. 

Local learning communities

In many locations, we already have local learning communities which are made up of a Booth College facilitator and online students who meet together regularly.  This gives them the opportunity for personal interaction and facilitates increased accountability, practical learning and discussion opportunities, and friendships. 

Online assignments, tasks and grading

All your assignments and assessable tasks are submitted or completed online. Once marked, you can access your results and feedback through Booth Online. You can also track your progress and performance in a current subject or across all of your current subjects.

Live or recorded lectures

Online students may participate in some on campus lectures in real time or watch recordings of lectures later within Booth Online.

Video content

Qualitative short teaching videos designed to introduce a particular concept or bring together key issues are a common feature of many of our courses.

Audio podcasts

Some of our courses also give you access to audio podcasts, allowing you to load audio content onto your preferred podcast technology to listen to when and where it suits you – even in the car or at the gym!

Interactive activities, lesson notes and quality content

Many of our courses feature a variety of assessable and non-assessable activities and content (such as quizzes, interactive presentations, self-assessment activities, discussion forums, group based activities and interactive lessons).


Engage with expertly curated reading materials made available to you in Booth Online. Most of the time it will be possible to download these and read them on your preferred device (tablet, smartphone etc) or print, though some materials may only be available with an internet connection. You also have instant access to the growing Booth College Library e-book collection as well as a number of other extremely useful off campus library services. 

Placement opportunities

Some courses may also feature a workplace or ministry placement opportunity near you, allowing you to gain valuable experience and immediately put what you are learning into practice. 

Private arrangement video tutorials

 Booth Online allows you the flexibility to consult with your lecturer online and also to book a private or small group tutorial (subject to availability) based on your needs.

Online student services

We have developed (and continue to develop) flexible student support options so that you can be connected to the Booth community no matter where you are. You can access support through our online self-service portal 24/7 and you can interact with and make appointments with our staff right in Booth Online.

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