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Equipping you for life, mission and ministry

At Booth College we integrate experience with other learning to produce graduates who bring freedom, hope and life. We aim for a graduate who is a thinker possessing the essential skills and knowledge across the study program, and is equipped to study further and to pursue viable career options.

Booth College offers over 30 different degree programs and vocational qualifications as well as general and short courses. We get the competing demands of work, ministry, life and family and so our programs are delivered in a variety of ways to ensure that there is an option available for every person who wants to study. 

What is new at Booth College in 2017

Trimester academic year for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees

Pace your study to suit your needs, or fast track your degree with our new three 10-week trimester academic year that will give you more flexibility and control.

Purpose-built program for mission

Booth College is introducing Propel, a one-year residential program to prepare people to take the message of God's love and help others in our world of many cultures, among the hurting, broken, lonely, dispossessed and lost.

Pathway for Furnace discipleship program and towards an undergraduate degree

Our new Propel program is designed to help you get into an undergraduate study as Propel graduates would complete a Diploma of Christian Studies that is equivalent to a first year of a Bachelor program in theology or ministry. It is also a pathway for students graduating from our residential discipleship program, Furnace. 

Placement opportunities and real-world experience

Our courses are designed to create learning communities of practitioner-learners. We integrate excellent teaching with practical work with the aim to see work-ready graduates who are critical thinkers, possess essential skills and knowledge, equipped to study further and to pursue viable career options.

Local Learning Communities

At Booth College we know learning online is often better with company. That’s why our local learning communities are expanding beyond Brisbane to other locations all around Australia and beyond. Our facilitated Learning Communities connect people. You can share experiences, support each other, engage in shared learning, and work together, towards set goals and collective success. 

As a college birthed out of The Salvation Army, we have always been about pushing past boundaries and going to the people – a relentless ambition which has seen the Army’s work spread to 128 countries, transforming lives and communities. This passion to make a difference has shaped our teaching and learning process and outcomes.

We want our students to be work ready graduates who are equipped with real life experience. Hence our approach is to integrate excellent teaching with authentic Salvo-style practical work. Students are given opportunities to do practical ministry and service in a variety of settings. Booth College develops minds and hearts and hands to make a difference in a hurting world.

At Booth College, we genuinely care about you and pray for you regularly. Whether you are studying on campus or online, we have developed flexible student support options so that you can be connected to the Booth community no matter where you are. You can access support through our online self-service portal 24/7, you can interact with and make appointments with our staff in Booth Online, you can chat to us by phone, in person on campus or even meet with Booth College staff closer to home at one of our learning centres or training sites.

To know more about how we can help you, call us on weekdays at 61 (02) 9502 0432 between 8.00am to 4.00pm. You can also email us at