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Conversations for Life

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In 2013, there was a total of 2,522 suicide deaths (10.9 per 100,000), which equates to an average of 6.9 deaths by suicide in Australia each day. (

Around 2,000 Australians die by suicide every year, affecting families, friends, workplaces and communities. (living is for

Conversation for Life is a 4 hour suicide prevention workshop that’s suitable for everyone, and particularly those who are interested in keeping others safe and connected. It offers practical ways to reduce the risk of suicide before it becomes a crisis, and it is part of Lifeboat, an integrated suite of uniquely Australian suicide prevention training programs.

Booth College, in conjunction with The Salvation Army’s Hope for Life is proud to be offering the Conversation for Life workshop.

The workshop will equip you to:

  • Be ready, willing and able to have the conversation
  • Plan for the conversation
  • Apply Conversations for life principles
  • Use the correct language and approach
  • Work together to achieve successful outcomes

Conversation for Life will provide you with:

  • Guidance from trained facilitators
  • Prepared conversation planners
  • Opportunity to practice your skills
  • Information based on suicide prevention research
  • Access to a web-based community for ongoing information, support and helpful resources

If you would like to attend, or if you want to host a workshop, please contact Melissa Lewis on (02) 9502 5011 or



In collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.