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2017 Second Semester Intensives 

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Most Intensive subjects require some pre-reading and preparation prior to the teaching week.  So register now.


P8583 Working in a Ministry Team Setting 

5 -9 June
Lecturer : Dr Bruce Allder


P8562 Administrative Leadership and Management in Ministry

26 -30 June
Lecturer : Dr Peter Dobson


M7372 Mission and Justice

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Casey O'Brien


M9695 Issues in Mission and Justice

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Dr Evelyn Hibbert


M7195 Introduction to Islam

26 - 30 June
Lecturer : Dr Richard Shumack


T9638 Doctrine of Sanctification

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Assoc Prof David McEwan


T7337 Christian Anthropology and Grace

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Captain Laithe Greenaway


P7272 Pastoral Ministry in Context 

19 - 23 June
Lecturer : Major Christine Unicomb 


L8520 Foundations of Preaching

19 - 23 June
Lecturer : Major Dr Peter Farthing 


L7220 Introduction to Preaching

19 -23 June
Lecturer : Captain Laithe Greenaway


L7100 Introduction to Christian Worship

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Captain Adam Couchman


L8501 Introduction to Christian Worship

17 - 21 July
Lecturer : Captain Adam Couchman


The Intensive units are held over the course of the week and delivered at our Bexley North campus.

If you are in ministry or looking to learn more in your area of interest you have the option of joining our Intensives as an audit student with none of the normal academic commitments of assessments and exams. 

For more information email