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WORKSHOP-PsyCap Keep on Going

In this fast paced world where we are often juggling family, work, study, ministry and other commitments, our well-being often suffers. Our ability to cope and to thrive is diminished. This workshop is designed to develop your Psychological Capital (PsyCap) - a positive psychological state of development that is focused not only on who you are but also on who you are becoming. So enrol and develop your personal resources to keep on going and to become your best self.

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  • DurationHalf-day workshop
  • Date5 April 2017
  • Delivery ModeClassroom
  • VenueStanmore House, 97 Cambridge Street, Stanmore NSW 2048
  • Trainer(s) Clayton Spence
  • Fees$45, includes morning tea

How to thrive when the going gets tough?

- How do you keep going, despite obstacles and other pressures?
- Why do some people give up at the first signs of difficulty, and others seem to succeed and thrive in the midst of great adversity?
- Why does our ability to cope seem to vary from situation to situation and from time to time?

The answer is PsyCap, short for Psychological Capital.  PsyCap is a person’s positive psychological state of development focused not only on who we are, but more importantly on who we are becoming – our best self.  It is our internal resources that allow us to grow and develop.

Life, work and ministry can take its toll on our well-being and ability to cope or to thrive.  By developing PsyCap participants will develop personal resources to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1).

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:
- Define PsyCap and its four constructs (HERO)
- Describe specific activities to develop the four constructs of PsyCap
- Prepare a personal development plan to build and develop your PsyCap (prepared in the workshop) in order to thrive and succeed through the challenges of life, work and ministry.

The workshop comprises some pre-reading (about 15 minutes), a half day workshop, and follow up coaching with the facilitator (1 or 2 one-hour sessions).  All materials will be provided.

This workshop is designed for those looking to build resources to maintain and improve Psychological Health.  This is not a replacement for evidence based therapy or treatment as the workshop focuses on Psychological Health rather than illness.  Where deemed necessary, the facilitator may recommend other professional services.  If you have questions about general psychological health and the relevance of this workshop please contact the Clayton on

The course is delivered at Stanmore House where you can also book accommodation, if required.

To register for this workshop complete the Booking Form.

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