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T9638 Doctrine of Sanctification

  • Unit Code & NameT9638 Doctrine of Sanctification
  • DescriptionThis graduate course unit seeks to enable students to interpret and integrate the biblical material on sanctification into a coherent doctrinal framework. It lays the doctrinal framework for use in pastoral ministry settings.

    Since the doctrine of holiness is a theological distinctive within the Wesleyan tradition, it is very important that students not only know the biblical foundation, historical development, and theological formulation of the doctrine, but also be able to communicate it in a variety of ministry settings. The class works with the biblical, historical and theological material, seeking to synthesize a nuanced understanding of the doctrine for today. It provides an opportunity to explore Wesleyan concepts and develop personal and ministry responses to identifiable needs in the student's current ministry placement.
  • DisciplineTheology
  • LevelPostgraduate
  • Semester2, 2017
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • Date17 - 21 July, 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Prerequisites18 credit points in theology units
  • Learning ActivitiesSubject Content:
    1. Sanctification in the Old and New Testaments
    2. An historical overview of the doctrine of Sanctification
    3. A Wesleyan framework for the doctrine of sanctification
    4. Current issues in the doctrine of sanctification
    5. Applying the doctrine to pastoral ministry settings

    Tutorials, Lectures
  • AssessmentsAssessments include a critical review, class presentation and essay
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate a critical knowledge of the chief forms in which sanctification is expressed in the Old and New Testaments
    2. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the writings of selected biblical and systematic theologians on the topic of sanctification
    3. Evaluate in depth from a biblical perspective representative constructive theologies of sanctification
    4. Integrate the material studied into their own articulation of the doctrine of sanctification
    5. Critically apply the results of their study to contemporary issues raised by their ministry situation
  • Text BooksEssential Texts
    Brower-Latz, Andrew and Arseny Ermakov (eds). Purity: Essays in Bible and Theology. Eugene: Pickwick, 2014.

    Noble, Thomas A. Holy Trinity, Holy People: the Theology of Christian Perfecting. Eugene: Cascade Books, 2013.

    Wesley, John. Treatises: Thoughts on Christian Perfection, Farther Thoughts upon Christian Perfection, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

    Sermons: The Circumcision of the Heart, Christian Perfection, On Perfection, On God's Vineyard, On Patience, On Sin in Believers, On Working Out Our Own Salvation, The Repentance of Believers, The Scripture Way of Salvation, The Imperfection of Human Knowledge, The Great Privilege of Those Born of God, Justification by Faith, On Original Sin, On the Fall of Man, On the Image of God, The More Excellent Way

    Recommended Texts
    You do not have to purchase the following textbooks but you may like to refer to them.

    - Bounds, Christopher T. What is the Range of Current Teaching on Sanctification and What Ought a Wesleyan to Believe on this Doctrine The Asbury Journal 62:2 (2007): 33-53.
    - Augustine's Interpretation of Romans 7-14-25, His Ordo
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