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BMin - Bachelor of Ministry

The Bachelor of Ministry lays the foundation and provides a theological framework to equip you for your life's work in the christian church, mission field and ministry. It provides a broad and coherent study of Christian Life and Ministry and related studies in Biblical Studies and Theology through a structure of majors and sub-majors. This degree prepares you for professional and lay Christian ministry and for further learning beyond the degree.

BSB51915 - Diploma of Leadership and Management

The course will sharpen your leadership and management skills equipping you to lead with confidence as a professional manager who inspires, motivates and empowers the team. The management skills and practical techniques you will learn during this diploma will help you lead and support your colleagues, solve problems, and manage projects in any industry. This course will particularly assist you to gain expertise in various management tasks including managing people performance, leading and managing teams, and workplace relationships.

DipChSt - Diploma of Christian Studies

The Diploma is an ideal starting point for studying the Bible, theology and mission, and being equipped with knowledge and skills to apply a Christian perspective to your personal, professional and vocational life. With a broad range of entry-level units, the Diploma will equip you with a solid scriptural foundation to grow your Christian faith and develop your ministry skills. The Diploma of Christian Studies is an undergraduate award based wholly on the Bachelor of Theology units. It is designed to introduce you to Christian studies within higher education. Graduates will have acquired basic knowledge, skills, and values of Christian relevance to their professional, family, church, social, and personal lives.

CHC42015 - Certificate IV in Community Services

This course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills in relation to community services operations, requirements, interventions and client issues. You will learn to design and deliver person-centred services to individuals and/or groups. As a community services worker, you may provide support, advocacy or interventions to individual clients, groups or communities across a range of services and in many settings.

CHAPPD501A - Implement holistic personal and professional development

CHAPPD501A - Implement holistic personal and professional development

P9661 - Managing Crisis and Conflict in Ministry

This course unit aims to provide students with a Biblical and theoretical framework for managing crisis and conflict and the communication skills necessary for effective ministry.

A8530 - Introduction to Biblical Languages

This postgraduate unit gives an introduction to biblical Hebrew and Greek that will equip students to use various grammatical and lexical tools without requiring an in-depth knowledge of the original languages. Students will learn how the original languages work and how to apply this knowledge in analysing the Biblical text in English. The unit includes basic exegesis from Old Testament and New Testament books.

AHCBUS506A - Develop and review a business plan

AHCBUS506A - Develop and review a business plan

B7130 - Introduction to New Testament

This unit introduces the critical study of the New Testament, its literary forms, historical and cultural contexts and theological themes. It provides a solid foundation for further biblical and theological study. The focus is on an outline of the books of the New Testament, their historical, cultural, political and religious contexts, approaching the books of the New Testament as literary works, key methodologies of Biblical interpretation, developing skills in exegesis and writing an exegetical essay, and key New Testament themes.

BSBADM307 - Organise schedules

BSBADM307 - Organise schedules

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