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WORKSHOP-PsyCap - Keep on Going

In this fast paced world where we are often juggling family, work, study, ministry and other commitments, our well-being often suffers. Our ability to cope and to thrive is diminished. This workshop is designed to develop your Psychological Capital (PsyCap) - a positive psychological state of development that is focused not only on who you are but also on who you are becoming. So enrol and develop your personal resources to keep on going and to become your best self.

GradCertArts - Graduate Certificate in Arts

The Graduate Certificate in Arts course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline, who wish to pursue a graduate qualification in theology, and who are seeking skills in theological studies to enhance their professional work. You will be able to apply a body of theological knowledge in a range of contexts relating to ministry and/or further learning. You will have the ability to make high level, independent judgments related to a range of issues pertaining to Christian living and/or ministry.

AssocDegChThPr - Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice

The Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice course is an undergraduate award that provides an opportunity to undertake some theological study with special focus on Christian Thought (including Biblical Studies, Theology, and Humanities in the Christian Tradition) or on Christian Practice (including Christian Life and Ministry). The special focus is achieved by completing a major in the area of interest.

TAE40110 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This course is for individuals delivering training and assessment services in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. This course is designed for those who want to become a face to face trainer or deliver training in the workplace, as well as those who would like to enter the dynamic and growing world of online training. You will learn how to plan, organise and deliver training, plan and implement assessment activities, and how to design training programs that meet client needs.

SIT30616 - Certificate III in Hospitality

This course is designed for those who are considering employment in the hospitality industry. It provides a pathway to work in restaurants, hotels, cafes. coffee shops and other similar organisations. The qualification also allows an outcome for small businesses requiring multi-skilled employees. The course offers you hands-on experience to develop relevant knowledge and skills.

BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

This course will introduce you to the tools essential to lead effectively and confidently as it will equip you to implement an operational plan, manage projects, monitor health and safety and show leadership in the workplace. It is an introductory course for supervisors, team leaders as well as frontline and mid to upper level managers. It is a perfect qualification for people who find themselves in a supervisory role without any formal training in management or supervision.

BTh - Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology introduces you to the broad areas and the coherent study of theology. Framed by the Wesleyan intellectual thought, the course will assist you to develop skills and knowledge to equip you spiritually and vocationally for life, mission and ministry. The course integrates practical experience, is theologically and biblically rich, and will equip you for your life's work in the Christian church. You can grow in depth in your area of interest as the degree program is structured to provide you with a systematic and comprehensive study of theology and its related disciplines. Booth College study areas include Pastoral Theology, Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Life and Ministry, Church History and Mission.

10032NAT - Diploma of Chaplaincy

The 10032NAT Diploma of Chaplaincy is the only accredited chaplaincy diploma course in Australia. The course is developed by Booth College in consultation with The Salvation Army's chaplain services and chaplains. The course meets the development and training needs, and accreditation of chaplains. This qualification equips chaplains to provide services and/or interventions to clients in a variety of settings.

CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services

The course is for people who value making a difference in their community by contributing to build strong and inclusive communities. If you have a genuine interest in community issues and people, great communication skills, an ability to resolve conflict quickly, to relate to people effectively and patiently and an ability to work independently and in collaboration, then this course is perfect for you. The course reflects the roles of workers involved in the managing, co-ordinating and/or delivering of person-centred services to individuals, groups and communities.

CHC51115 - Diploma of Financial Counselling

The course covers workers who provide a specialist service assisting people faced with debt and other financial issues. It may be applied in casework, community development and social justice contexts. This work requires: - specialist knowledge, paralegal skills and competencies especially in regard to credit and debt issues affecting clients and their rights and obligations; - solid understanding of social and systemic issues that impact on financial counselling clients. The total number of units required for completion for the course is 17 units (14 core, 3 electives). Students may select 3 electives to best meet their workplace requirements.

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