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MACL Master of Arts (Specialisation: Christian Leadership)

The Master of Arts with specialisation in Christian Leadership is designed to take you to the next level and plunge you into rich thinking about leadership in the 21st Century. The program is both biblical and practical. It will equip you for leading congregations into mission, leadership in the community and for organizational leadership roles in a wide variety of ministry settings.

Classes will be online and through one-week intensives held in Sydney. Acclaimed and experienced faculty from across Australia and around the world will deliver the program.

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  • Duration3 Semesters full-time, 9 semesters part-time
  • Structure12 units total (108 credit points)
  • Fees$1850 per unit
  • Entry RequirementsA bachelor degree in theology or ministry, OR A Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in theology or ministry, OR Professional entry
  • English ProficiencyApplicants whose entry qualifications were obtained in an institution where English is not the language of instruction will normally require a minimum IELTS (or equivalent) score of 7.0 in all bands of the test.

The Master of Arts is an AQF Level 9 Masters Degree (Coursework). It is 
- fully accredited through the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) 
- qualifies for Austudy and FEE-HELP assistance 
- available to overseas students
- available online 

Research Units, Research Essay and Research Project units are available each semester. Any plans to do such units must be discussed with the Academic Dean Dr Evelyn Hibbert at least two months prior to commencement.

Booth College offers a trimester system dividing the academic year into three ten-week terms. The semester dates in 2017 are
Semester 1: Week 1 starts 6 February, week 10 ends 14 April 
Semester 2: Week 1 starts 15 May, week 10 ends 28 July (mid semester one-week break starts 3 July) 
Semester 3: Week 1 starts 28 August, week 10 ends 3 November


For students with a Bachelor - 3 semesters full-time, 9 semesters part-time
For students with a completed Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma – 2 semesters full-time, 6 semester part-time


For students with a Bachelor - 12 units total (108 credit points) 
For students who have completed a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma - 8 units total – 72 credit points

What we offer

Professional entry

Lack of degree is no barrier. Even without a bachelor degree, your ministry leadership experience might allow you to qualify for a Graduate Certificate in Arts or a Master of Arts. You can apply for admission on the basis of professional entry. Your application must show that you have at least:

- 5 years full-time church or para-church ministry in a senior leadership role, or
- 8 years relevant work experience in a range of leadership roles from associate leader to senior team leader, or
- 10 years relevant work experience in an associate leader role and be over the age of 30.  

Study individual units

You have the option to study just the units that interest you. We offer a wide range of units and you may find one or a few that interest you and are relevant to your life and ministry.  

This can be done either as an audit student or a non-award student.

Audit study allows you to take a unit for the purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration. You will not be evaluated for your participation in the class, meaning you can benefit from the indepth and practitioner based teaching without having to do the assignments and worry about assessements.

Non-award study is designed to let you pursue a personal interest, develop professional competence in an area of specialisation, or simply experience learning at Booth College. You will attend lectures and tutorials, and be assessed and examined with other students, but without the long-term commitment of a degree. And if you decide to take your study further and you have successfully completed the unit as a non award student, it may be counted as credit towards a degree.

International and regional practitioner lecturers

Our faculty come with wide experience and deep knowledge. Many courses are one-week intensives, allowing guest lecturers to come from across Australia and around the world. Our specialisation program will have some units taught by Asbury Theological Seminary lecturers Dr Bryan Sims and Dr Thomas Tumblin, renowed teachers and ministry leaders Dr Rick Lewis, Dr Peter Dobson, Dr Bruce Allder and lecturers from Booth University College, Canada. 

Entry from Arrow and Inspire 

This program might be a good next step if you have done Inspire or Arrow. 

Study options

Our visiting international and regional lecturers will deliver the units as a one-week intensive in Sydney at our Bexley North campus. Some units will be online will all learning material and study available online through our student portal Booth Online.

The Salvation Army personnel may be eligible for finanacial assistance through the Course Assistance Board (CAB). Interested applicants should submit a signed CAB Form to All submitted CAB forms must be signed by the line manager/division to demonstrate the support of the applicant's department/corps/division. 

Application for enrolment is made to the Registrar. The Registrar can be contacted on +61 02 9502 0469 and by email at

More information

International students 

Semester 1

  • B8520 Introduction to Old Testament

  • H8501 Introduction to the Study of Christian History

  • L9620 Preaching and Context

  • M8505 Equipping your People for Ministry

  • M8595 Issues in Multicultural Ministry

  • M9600 Perspectives on World Mission

  • M9695WMM Issues in Women's Missional Ministry

  • P8511 Developing Youth Ministry

  • P8561 Developing Leadership through Mentoring

  • P8572 Spiritual Leadership

  • T9687 Wesleyan Theological Perspectives

  • T9695 Issues in Theology and Film

Semester 2

  • A8501 Critical Thinking and Writing

  • B8500 Research Methods

  • B9657 Lukan Literature

  • B9697 Seminar (Research students present readings)

  • L8501 Introduction to Christian Worship

  • L8520 Foundations of Preaching

  • M8500 Research Methods

  • M9695MJ Issues in Mission and Justice

  • M9697 Seminar (Research students present readings)

  • P8500 Research Methods

  • P8501 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology

  • P8562 Administrative Leadership and Management in Ministry

  • P9684SM Supervised Ministry Practicum

  • P9697 Seminar (Research students present readings)

  • T8500 Research Methods

  • T8586 Theological Issues of the Reformation

  • T9638 Doctrine of Sanctification

  • T9697 Seminar (Research students present readings)

Semester 3

  • A8530 Introduction to Biblical Languages

  • B8530 Introduction to New Testament

  • B9603 Interpretation of the Bible

  • B9690 Research Essay

  • B9691 Research Project

  • B9699 Capstone

  • M9685 Cross-Cultural Mission

  • M9690 Research Essay

  • M9699 Capstone

  • P8583 Working in a Ministry Team Setting

  • P9684 Supervised Ministry Practicum

  • P9690 Research Essay

  • P9695 Issues in Children's Ministry

  • P9699 Capstone

  • T8505 Basic Christian Doctrines

  • T8531 Christology and Soteriology

  • T8595 A Loving God in a Suffering World

  • T9690 Research Essay

  • T9691 Research Project

  • T9699 Capstone

Students enrolled in the MA program may exit with the Graduate Certificate in Arts (36 cr pts) or the Graduate Diploma of Arts (72 credit points), provided they have met the requirements of those awards.

Students who complete the MA with a Research Essay at distinction level may apply for entry into a Masters research award, such as the Master of Philosophy. The MA is itself an exit point for the Master of Divinity program.

An MA with a particular specialisation can be considered an entry point into the MTh on the following conditions:
- The specialisation in the MTh must be the same as the specialisation undertaken in the MA;
- In order to undertake coursework units in the MTh, the student must have met the pre-requisites for those coursework units.

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