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Learning Communities

Creating learning opportunities right where you are



Why you should join your local learning community

Connecting people and creating learning opportunities right where you are

At Booth College, we have always been about pushing past boundaries and going to the people. We reach students in all states and territories of Australia as well as overseas with our flexible approaches to education. Booth Online, our student portal, provides a stimulating place for learning and interaction.

As our online education program continues to grow, we want to ensure that the personal interaction, friendships, discipleship and sense of connectedness, which have made us so much more than just a college, also continue to evolve and grow.

Though our growing numbers of geographically diverse online students can already interact with other students and lecturers online, we are also in a position to make personal connections possible in a variety of locations through our local learning communities. Evolving from just one group of online students meeting together in Brisbane, we have seen our well-loved learning communities grow and expand, and there are now groups meeting all around Australia, and plans for groups overseas. We are very excited about connecting people and see it contributing greatly to a Booth Way of learning – right where you are.

Facilitators you’d want to be around

In 2017, all across Australia and beyond, many Booth College online students will be meeting together regularly as part of learning communities brought together by a well-connected and trained local facilitator. Facilitators are vetted and trained by the college, and are there to give support and act as a guide rather than to lecture at you. They are people we’re proud of, and stimulating people you’d want to be around.

This means our students have the flexibility of engaging in quality online learning from expert teaching staff alongside engaging and stimulating small group discussions closer to home. Our hopes and dreams are that these valuable conversations will even further equip you for life, mission and ministry right where you are. 

A supportive community

Our learning community students will come together with their facilitator regularly to share ideas about how to succeed as online students, encourage one another and find support where they need it. They’ll also have in-depth discussions as they reflect on their learning and apply it to their own contexts, solving real-world problems and finding answers to questions that people are actually asking.

We have already seen and heard great reports of increased accountability, new friendships, higher levels of student engagement, and, more generally, a whole load of fun connecting with other ministry practitioners and professionals. Lots of great tea and coffee has also been consumed over stimulating discussions people haven’t wanted to end. Who knows what could be birthed out of these close-knit learning communities? We’re excited about the possibilities.

A local group that works for your way of life

Our learning communities are close to the pulse of the local context, and there is great freedom in how these groups operate. Groups may meet in homes on a weeknight, in a church hall after church on a Sunday, at a Salvation Army centre, at a favourite café in the CBD during a lunch break or anywhere that’s right for your particular community. The frequency of meetings, too, may vary between groups, but most groups tend to meet no less than once a fortnight, and some will choose to meet weekly.

Booth College orientation sessions close to home

All learning communities also benefit from a local Booth College orientation session close to the start of each teaching period. It is our way of coming together as a broader Booth College community to celebrate what is happening right where you are.

Where are the local learning communities?

In 2017, we have learning communities in Brisbane, Canberra, NSW Central Coast, Tamworth, and two located in Sydney -Western Sydney and Redfern.  

Like to join the learning community movement?

Would you like to join your own local learning community? Talk to us, and we can put you in contact with like-minded students and amazing facilitators. You can register your interest by contacting the Booth Online & Distance Education team on or by phone to (02) 9502 5014 (international callers: +61 2 9502 5014) or simply by indicating your preferred learning community on the enrolment form as you register for your subjects each semester.

Or maybe you have what it takes to start a new group of your own? We’d love to hear from you.