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School for Christian Studies

Delivering relevant and accessible Bible, theology and ministry training through higher education programs to equip people for life, mission and ministry

School for Christian Studies is the higher education arm of Booth College delivering a full range of quality training with a study pathway from our vocational certificate courses to PhD.

The School aspires to deliver

  • an integrative, flexible curriculum that is practitioner-focused
  • learning communities of practitioner-learners around the country (and world)
  • robust and flexible pathways for learning from vocational study through to research degrees
  • Wesleyan theology teaching

The School aims to produce graduates who will

  • Pursue holiness and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit
  • Make disciples of all ages and cultures
  • Lead healthy Christian communities
  • Practice courageous justice and compassion
  • Renew their minds through theological thinking and learning

The School has a proven history of providing higher education in Bible, theology, ministry and mission delivered through  

  • nationally and internationally respected academic staff
  • flexible and responsive program delivery meeting the frontline ministry needs
  • innovative, integrated, hands-on program design 
  • short-term engagement through single semester modules that focus on evangelism and church planting, cross-cultural mission and social ministry
  • week-long subjects or study in areas of interest to students as non-assessed units or for full credit towards degrees in areas like multicultural ministry, women’s ministry among others
  • fully developed elearning capacity with all degrees delivered through our online learning management system Booth Online
  • three semester academic year enabling students to pace their study to complete a degree faster

The School is located at our Bexley North campus.

location 32a Barnsbury Grove, BEXLEY NORTH NSW 2207 AUSTRALIA
phone +61 (02) 9502 0432