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Officer Training Staff

Developing the character and capacity of cadets to become empowering spiritual leaders


Gregory Morgan [Major] National Training Principal


Deborah Robinson [Major] Assistant Training Principal

I'm passionate about the journey to full salvation, coming under Gods rule and authority, trusting Him to form me more and more into the likeness of Jesus. My greatest passions in ministry are preaching, teaching others to preach and leading worship. I'm lousy at craft and cooking, but am exceptional in downing a block of chocolate. I enjoy reading and my Saturday morning sleep-ins. It's a joy and a privilege to be serving God here at the School for Officer Training.

Alwyn Robinson [Major] Director of Spiritual Formation & Stage 3 Officer Training Coordinator

I like to get up early to a quiet house, love footy (go the Roosters!), enjoy a ginger beer and play on my Xbox. If you ask me how I am, my usual response is "happy!" It's because I found a reason to live and His name is Jesus. I don't pretend being happy is always easy but I do know my life is always better with Him, and doing anything else than living for Him is no life at all. As part of the School for Officer Training I feel very privileged to share in the development of The Salvation Army and am a firm believer the best is yet to come!

Laithe Greenaway [Captain] Ministry Program Officer

Being part of the staff at the School for Officer Training is a privilege. I love being able to lead a small group of people who are passionate about growing in their relationship with God and getting to witness God shaping them to be the leaders He has called them to be. I also love the opportunity to work one on one with cadets in helping them to prepare to preach God’s good news. My prayer is that every officer would be equipped to lead from a foundation of knowledge and depth of insight of the love God (Phil 1:9).

Kaelene Greenaway [Captain] Training Officer and Booth College Early Education liaison officer

I like crime books and movies, fantasy and sci fi – and the occasional romantic comedy. I love skiing. I jog and swim but not because I love it. I am a very talkative introvert. I love serving at the School because I am challenged continually by the inspiring people around me to grow in my faith and spiritual discipline. I love the fellowship here; living with Godly people is amazing. I love worship here. I love the kids. I would like to see all cadets who come through here sure of their calling, of their ministry and of their identity in Christ. If they could leave here as passionate Christians who prioritise prayer and holy love, that would be terrific.

Jisook Wunderlick [Lieutenant] Residential Manager 

God has been so good to me over the last three years of my officership, confirming His calling and promises. And I am very excited to be part of this beautiful community, a people of God trying to seek His face, His kingdom and His guidance everyday. It is awesome. I like learning about God, people and myself. I especially love to hear what God is doing in people's lives. One of the beauties of where I am now, is that I am an eyewitness to all the adventures of followers of Christ. I also like seeing people from various backgrounds adding richness into the church and community.